Rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration

Speaking of sexual violence, the reality in Congo is such that SGBV victims are perceived not as such but as guilty of the atrocities that have happened to them.

The simple fact that these victims denounce the crime perpetrated against them condemns them to live in disgrace, in total denial and in shame. This shame drives them to be silent or to withdraw from the control society.

Therefore LIZADEEL thought, in his actions, to also manage the after denouncing crimes.

For her, the care of victims of SGBV should go as far as facilitating their social reintegration into their community. Transitional shelters and vocational training provide a solution.

Integrated Social Home and Transit Center

In the DRC, there is not the support structures for women and vulnerable children Victims of Sexual Violence and Gender Based (SGBV). Women raped, beaten, children abandoned or raped are for the most part abandoned to their plight.

To address this situation, the Lizadeel, first set up a transit center for transitional housing for victims, so to provide effective psychological support  and prepare the victim to reintegrate the family or his usual environment which is usually the medium where the crime was perpetrated.

Unfortunately, after family reintegration, victims are still economically vulnerable. This failure led Lizadeel to set up the vocational training center for victims in transit to ensure their real and complete empowerment.

The Integrated Social Homes (FOSI) have two essential components including the Transit Center and the Vocational Training Center:

  • The Transit Center has the capacity to host about 50 teenage girls and 10 women. This is the place detraumatisation women and children victims of Sexual Violence and Gender Based. It is also used for transitional housing for victims and the detention of vulnerable adolescents to follow vocational training.
  • The Vocational Training Center has branches according to the needs of the community. For the city of Kinshasa, the following sectors are organized: Hospitality, Cut & Sewing, Aesthetics and Literacy. several victims and survivors of VSBG trained have already been launched in the entrepreneurship market.


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