Community awareness for behavior change

LIZADEEL is a Congolese NGO that ensures the dissemination of legal texts and international conventions and treaties that protect the rights of women and children.

Nearly 1,750,000 families across the country have been affected.
The Lizadeel considers awareness as his horse Batail.

It is in this context that fits the struggle for the definitive acquisition of a community radio to promote the rights of women and children and for the dissemination of legal texts on the subject.

Community Radio

Indeed, the Congolese population in general and Kinoise in particular is faced with the undeniable reality of sexual violence against women and children.

The under public information about it justifies abuse. Ignorance of texts on the subject, the discrepancies between the text and the sentences imposed by judges, the relaxation of the perpetrators of rape in detention, are all issues that require awareness and effective extension.

It is in this note that fits the Lizadeel that of the establishment of a mass communication tool, in this case a local radio, able to touch the different corners of the Congolese capital, but also provinces.

The goal is to remedy, better to provide more in this fight which LIZADEEL undertake:

  • Radicate sexual violence in all its forms.
  • Community radio will serve as a framework for raising awareness and awakening awareness through fruitful discussions with the grassroots to obtain common participation.


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